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Attention HeatMap

What visitors see in the first seconds after landing on a page pretty much defines whether they will stay or leave.

The heat map helps you to understand what elements of the web pages get more or less attention.

This analysis is very important while tuning design or mock-up to increase user’s activity.

HeatMapCo uses a range of colors to mark areas with different range of users attention.

Less — — More attention


Make Visitor Notice Important Things

Show elements that need to be seen

Focus Vision

Your page can be too cluttered with unnecessary content, making it hard for users to grasp the key message or perform the intended action. Shift focus to the primary areas by removing unimportant content.

The HeatMapCo report will clearly show the areas that drive little focus.

If those are key elements of the page, you will get a clear signal it’s time you optimized the page to get more conversions.


Achieve Goals Faster

Make fast A/B testing decisions based on science

Simpler and faster A/B testing

Cut down the time between testing and conversion rate increase

Design development is a long and sometimes difficult way. Your mock-up has to go through many hands to be implemented. Now, you don’t need to wait. With HeatMapCo the process of validation is smooth, quick and simple.

Based on science research

David H. Hubel

a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize, for his discoveries concerning information processing in the visual system.

Alfred L. Yarbus

pioneered the study of saccadic exploration of complex images, by recording the eye movements performed by observers.

Ultra Fast

The result is typically available in less than 20 seconds

Increadibly Easy

No need to insert special codes or scripts

Scientific Approach

The algorithm is based on scientific researches

Best Choise for


to estimate if design or mock-up works as it supposed to

Marketing Manager

to validate emails, articles, promo materials

Sales manager

to analyze conversion and increase sales


to test product shelves in stores and supermarkets with the help of the mobile app

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