Improve conversion by getting to know what visitors see

The algorythmic-based eye-tracking prediction technology that allows to analyze how people perceive graphic elements in the first seconds

No visitors’ data collection

Results in less than 20 sec

No codes or scripts to insert

High level of accuracy

No visitors’ data collection

Our service uses scientifically-based algorithm and doesn’t collect data about your visitors.

Results in less than 20 sec.

HeatMapCo allows to get results almost instantly.

No codes or scripts to insert

You can use our service even without programming skills. Moreover, HeatMapCo doesn’t affect your website speed.

High level of accuracy

We compared our service with real time eye-tracking services and the accuracy of HeatMapCo is 84%.

Add Predictions to Your Browser

Analyze your designs even faster with easy-to-use Chrome Extension

Let Conversion Elements Rock

Make your design increase conversion

Attention Heat Map

What visitors see in the first seconds after landing on a page pretty much defines whether they will stay or leave.

The heat map helps you to understand what elements of the web pages get more or less attention.

This analysis is very important while tuning design or mock-up to increase user’s activity.

HeatMapCo Instant Eye Tracking Technology uses a range of colors to mark areas with different range of users attention.

Focus Vision

Your page can be too cluttered with unnecessary content, making it hard for users to grasp the key message or perform the intended action. Shift focus to the primary areas by removing unimportant content.

The HeatMapCo report will clearly show the areas that drive little focus.

If those are key elements of the page, you will get a clear signal it’s time for you to optimize the page to get more conversions.

How does it help me?

Optimize conversion of contextual ads

Make your ads visible for your potential customers

Optimize conversion of your website

Show elements of your website that need to be seen

Optimize conversion of email campaigns

Let your emails get clicks and make money

Optimize conversion of banner ads

Now you can validate if your banner ads are visible among other elements

We automatically analyze graphic elements

and let you know what attracts visitors’ attention during the first seconds