The site design you’ve been thinking over for a month hasn’t done any good in terms of conversions? The email subscription rate doesn’t go up in spite of the surge of visitors? If you are looking for the reason of situations like these, instead of digging for innovative practices or expensive specialists to skyrocket your sales, why not take a look around your e-store, company website or blog first… but with the eyes of your visitors?

It’s a well-known fact that website design and appearance plays crucial part for encouraging conversions. Numerous studies have proved that changing a color of a button can make a great difference. More than that, the navigation structure can be inconvenient or banner located in the wrong place. So, changing those elements would help increase the conversion rate or sales. There’s only one question left to be answered – how do you find out what are the things that hinder your site progress?

You can get the objective data using a heat map tool, presenting you a with a unified picture of how visitors interact with your website.  In other words, you will see what elements and spots on a page get most attention and which come unnoticed. This data is conveniently presented as a map of a particular page painted in different colors, red marking the hottest spots that receive most clicks and blue showing “unpopular” places on the page.

The benefit of heat map tool is in providing data based on many visitors’ choices, so it shows the tendency. You may be surprised by the heat map of your important page, seeing that visitors mostly don’t pay attention at the key area, but are attracted by a background picture or a slogan phrase instead. In that case, you can rearrange the page to place the items you want your visitors to focus on, in those spots.

Heat map is also a great helper for A/B testing, allowing to see what variant of the page serves its purpose best not only in figures, but also in color. Interesting? Then, the infographic below will provide more details about heat maps and their use.

What is a Heat Map and How to Use It


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